Permanent Traffic Signals

  • Drill and pour foundation for signal poles, pedestrian poles, traffic signal controller cabinet and electrical services.
  • Install poles and arms, pedestrian pole, cabinet and electrical service.
  • Install signal traffic signal heads, pedestrian signals and push buttons.
  • Install signs including street names, regulatory and push button signs.
  • Install cameras and radars.
  • Install wires/ cables and terminate inside the base of the poles and cabinet.
  • Make the system operational.

Roadway Illumination

  • Drill and pour foundation high mast, street lights and electrical services foundations.
  • Install high mast pole, street light and underpass lights.
  • Install electrical service.
  • Install fixtures.
  • Install wires.
  • Install fuse/ fuse holders and terminate wires.
  • Make the lights operational.


  • Install foundations for overhead sign support structures, large ground mounted and small road signs.
  • Install overhead, large ground mounted and small road signs.

MBGF/ Crash Cushion

  • Install Metal Beam Guard Fence with steel/ wood post.
  • Install temporary (work zone) crash cushion: SLED, Absorbs-350, ACZ,…
  • Install permanent crash cushions: Tracc system, Smart cushion, React system,…


  • Install Multiduct system (PVC/ RMC)
  • Install Fiber optic Boxes.
  • Pull fiber optic cable.
  • install camera pole foundation and camera.
  • Install Radar Vehicle Sensing Device
  • Install Main Lane Gantry.
  • Install Ramp Gantry.
  • Install type “S", “S/E" & “MPE" Electrical services.


  • Install under ground conduit (PVC/HDPE) by using trenching and boring methods.
  • install exposed RMC conduit on bridges, structures and inside rails.

Ground Boxes/Junction Box

  • Installed various type and size of ground boxes.
  • Install junction boxes for different purposes.
  • Install different type/ size of wires/ cables and perform the termination.


  • Install foundations for OCS (Overhead Conveyor Systems) poles.
  • Install Overhead Conveyor Systems poles.
  • Install Wayside AVI switch cabinet.
  • Install mechanical switch.
  • Install electrical switch.
  • Install OCS power distribution.
  • Install Tractor Power Substation.
  • Install OCS electrical.